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Country Rose Liquid Castile Soap is plain and simple: like nature intended... available in non-organic or organic 100% olive oil varieties.

Country Rose Soap Co. is committed to making TRUE CASTILE SOAP the traditional way, by hand, using pure 100% olive oil.  True castile soaps are the mildest and moisturizing of all soaps... so mild and gentle, in fact, that even newborn babies can safely use them.

That being said, it is noteworthy to reflect on the fact that all "CASTILE" soaps are not created equal.  Today, much liquid soap is marketed as castile soap, but on closer inspection one will see it is often not made from 100% olive oil.  Instead, these "castile" soaps often contain coconut or palm oils, and perhaps even other additives -- ingredients or additives that are often problematic for the sensitive consumer with allergies.

At Country Rose Soap Co., we are proud to make and offer a true 100% olive oil liquid castile soap containing 2 simple ingredients: saponified olive oil and distilled water.  That's it -- plain and simple -- just like nature intended.

Devoid of harsh foaming ingredients, our castile soap will not produce a lot of sudsy lather, BUT it will effectively AND gently clean skin, hair, laundry, dishes, hard surfaces, floors, bathtubs... almost anything you can think of.  Our soap even makes a great spot remover on soiled clothing.

Completely biodegradable and as mild as they come, Country Rose Liquid Castile Soap, is suitable for newborns, those with chemical sensitivities or allergies, as well as for individuals suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and celiac disease.  Gluten free and 100% Vegan, Country Rose Liquid Castile Soap is plain and simple, just like nature intended.