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At Country Rose Soap, we take great pride in producing our quality, handmade soaps.  Our all natural soaps are made in small batches, using traditional cold process soap making techniques.  Using the finest blends of olive, coconut, palm, sunflower, castor, and jojoba oils, all of our handmade soap contain a large percentage of olive oil, making them a mild castile blend.  Many varieties are further enhanced with extra skin nourishing properties derived from adding cocoa butter and shea butter.

The use of these high quality vegetable oils produce a milder bar of soap with excellent lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing abilities.  Scented with pure essential oils, our scented varieties are truly intoxicating, while we also provide many unscented choices such as our 100% olive oil castile soap bar, our castile soap bar with acitvated charcoal, as well as our castile soap with ground oats or our unscented goatsmilk soap.  Colour is derived from cosmetic grade clays, natural mineral colourants, and from dried herb or flower botanicals.

Made by hand in small batches, our handmade cold process soaps retain the precious glycerin released when the vegetable oil blend is saponified.  This natural glycerin makes the soap milder and more moisturizing than regular commercial bars.

Why not try some today, and experience the difference quality, handmade soap can make?