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Home > Resources & Info > Uses of Country Rose Liquid Castile Soap
1. Everyday body washing.

2. Use diluted for light cleaning in a spray bottle.

3. Use full strength for heavy duty grease cutting -- our Lemongrass scented variety leaves a nice, clean scent.

4. Use as a shampoo. Note: give yourself time when switching over to liquid castile soap as a shampoo as it takes some time for your hair to adjust to not using chemicals anymore.  See additional tips under "Using Liquid Castile Soap for Shampooing Purposes."

5. For laundry.  See our tips in our "Recipes" section.  Spot treat stains with our solid castile soap bar or with a bit of liquid castile soap applied directly to the stain... let soak for awhile.

6. Dilute and pour into a foam pump bottle for facial cleansing.

7. Camping/Travellers/Backbackers: all in one go to for hand soap, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, dishwashing. The addition of tea tree or peppermint essential oil will help ward off bug bites.

8. Pet wash: use to wash pets, but keep out of eyes.

9. Baby Shampoo: use diluted; keep out of eyes.

10. An excellent shaving soap.

11. Use a few drops mixed in warm water to rinse pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

12. Make your own natural pesticide for plants (please see our "Recipes" section).

13. Use to wash baby's diapers -- no rash.

14. Make you own baby wipes wash spray (please see our "Recipes" section).

15. Bubble bath / Baby bath: pour one capful into running water.

16. Foot soak: add a capful to a basin of warm water to soak tired, sore feet. Try adding a couple drops of peppermint and/or tea tree essential oils.

17. To clean linoleum (please see our "Recipes" section).