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Home > Resources & Info > Using Country Rose Liquid Castile Soap for Shampooing Purposes
Switching to a completely natural shampoo can be a bit of an adjustment for some individuals, so we wanted to share our tried and true helpful tips.

We are often asked: "Can I use your 100% Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap for shampooing purposes?"  ABSOLUTELY!  

Country Rose Liquid Castile soap is designed to be used as is, out of the bottle, although some people do prefer to use it diluted (especially if their hair is on the finer side).

"Is it easy to dilute Country Rose Liquid Castile soap?"  ABSOLUTELY!

If one wants to use the liquid castile soap for shampooing purposes, it is most convenient to use a foam pump style bottle as the diluted soap will be dispensed as a nice, thick foam which is great for shampooing.  

To dilute the soap, take a glass Pyrex style measuring cup.  A typical foam pump bottle is 8oz., so combine approximately 1/3 cup soap to 1/3 cup warm water (distilled if one's water is on the hard side).  Stir soap and water to combine.  Allow the diluted soap to rest for a few minutes to allow any air to settle out.  Pour into foam pump bottle.  That's it!

Here's a bit of extra information about using Country Rose Liquid Castile soap as a hair shampoo:

Country Rose Liquid Castile soap is a natural soap made from saponified olive oil so it is very gentle, but it does not contain any of the moisturizers, foaming, or detangling agents that are found in commercial hair shampoo products.

That being said, individuals with sensitivities, allergies or reactions, often find our soap meets and exceeds their needs even though most also realize right away that they are giving up some of the features found in commercial hair shampoo products.  Castile soap will sometimes seem a bit heavy, especially on long, wavy hair, and it is not the best for those with colour treated hair as it does not contain any of the synthetic colour retaining agents found in many commercial shampoos.  Many of our customers find it is necessary to use just a very little of the soap, so one will not get the copious amounts of flash foam typical of commercial shampoo.  We do recommend using a weekly vinegar rinse to remove any residue or build up from the soap.

Besides our 100% Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap, we also market a range of Natural Liquid Shampoos.  The base of these shampoos is our Liquid Castile Soap with Castor Oil (product code LCS2).  The addition of a small amount of castor to the olive oil, provides additional moisturizing benefits as well as providing a slightly richer, creamier feel and better lather than our 100% Oil Liquid Castile soap which can be preferable for shampooing purposes.  For our natural liquid shampoos, the olive oil is first infused with herbal additves (as noted on the website), chosen because they are good for the hair.  The additional extracts and pure essential oils are similarly chosen to either benefit dry or oily hair conditions.  However, as a castile soap product, there is again nothing that will help to retain colour in treated hair.