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Country Rose Soap Co. is committed to providing high quality natural skin care products: product options that appeal to individuals desiring healthy and natural choices as well as specialized niche products developed primarily in response to customer feedback, questions, and requests.

Not surprisingly, one very important part of our business has evolved from our desire to meet and exceed the needs of our customers that suffer from nut allergies.  We receive numerous enquiries from consumers looking to find options for things many of us without allergies or sensitivities might take for granted: namely, finding a shampoo that won't cause irritation, a bath soap that is gentle, moisturizing and non-irritating, and even natural cleaning options that can safely be used without causing break outs or itchy skin.

The quest for such products can be daunting... researching, reading, and understanding product labels, asking questions, etc., etc...  All of the Country Rose nut free products are manufactured in a seperate area from our traditional soaps and products to eliminate the possibility for cross contaminations.

On our website we have aimed to identify many of the most requested nut free producrts.  This designation can be found in the product description or features.  As well, complete ingredient listings can be reviewed by clicking on the "technical specs" tab.

These major product categories include the following: our 100% Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap, our 100% Organic Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap, our 100% Olive Oil Castile Soap Bars, our 100% Organic Olive Oil Castile Soap Bars, our Olive Oil Castile Liquid Soap with Castor Oil, as well as our Natural Liquid Castile Shampoos.  All of our Castile Soap products are available Unscented, with scented options where noted.  Our scented castile soap products are scented with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  Moreover, our castile soap bar line has been expanded to include specialized options such as a Castile Soap with Activated Charcoal (to remove toxins and impurities from the skin) and a line of castile soap bars made with a Dead Sea Salt brine to take advantage of the wonderful restorative properties derived from Dead Sea Salt.  Of course, we are also always striving to add more producs.  Most recently we have added our Natural Baby Care Products.  These products are nut free: our Apple Bottoms Baby Bum Jelly, our Apple Bottoms Baby Bum Powder, and our Apple Bottoms Vita-Moisturizing Baby Oil.

Please note, this list is in no ways entirely comprehensive -- rather, a concise listing of the most requested nut free product types.  We do produce other nut free product options, including facial toners, a natural disinfectant spray, and liquid laundry detergent to name a few.  Ingredient listings can be reviewed under the technical specs, and please drop us a line with questions or items requiring clarificiation.

We are excited and committed to continue to develop, test, and produce more nut free product options in the future.  We welcome your feeback and product suggestions.

At Country Rose Soap Co. we are extremely gratified to be able to offer high quality, natural, nut free skin care options.  It is extremely humbling to receive positive feedback from customers: individuals who are absolutely ecstatic over finally discovering bathing and cleaning options that don't irritate.  This is why we do what we do.